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Orchids, Carnivorous Plants, and Other Wildflowers of the Green Swamp, North Carolina: Exploring North America’s Most Diverse Ecosystem

(Jim Fowler Photography, 2015) 352 pages, 370+ color photographs and illustrations—flexibound $30.00 + S&H


The Green Swamp Preserve of southeastern North Carolina supports our finest examples of species-rich pitcher plant bogs in North America. Jim Fowler presents luscious photos of every species of orchid and carnivorous plant (including the wonderful Venus’ flytrap), along with selected gentians, lilies, milkworts, composites, and others in this gorgeous book suitable as a field guide with keys and habitat notes. After seeing these extraordinary pictures you will want to visit the Green Swamp to learn how the ancient elements of the earth: air, fire, and water combine to create such a unique and beautiful environment filled with so many special plants.

—Larry Mellichamp, botanist, author of “Native Plants of the Southeast”

This book is a fantastic look at the Green Swamp. The photos are great, especially with all of the color phases.

—Angie Carl, Coastal Fire and Restoration Manager, The Nature Conservancy

The Green Swamp is a sacred place to many native plant lovers and this work captures not just the beauty of the orchids, carnivorous plants, and wildflowers but also the essence, ecology, history, and conservation of this incredible place. The impressive depth of coverage on these topics involves exhaustive research into archives, consultation with taxonomic experts, and even extensive use of the wisdom of local residents. This is a complete guide to all of the orchids and carnivorous plants of the Green Swamp region with all species beautifully illustrated and described. Even the rarest of species and hybrids are included in this unabridged treatment. This is a book that the professional or amateur botanist and even weekend wildflower enthusiast will treasure and one that may change your perception of how marvelous the world is and how important our choices are in maintaining such sacred spaces for future generations.

—Patrick McMillan, – Emmy-award winning naturalist, Director of the SC Botanical Garden

Anyone visiting the Green Swamp should pack at least the following three things—plenty of water, a GPS, and a copy of Jim Fowler’s book. This work authoritatively navigates through the surprisingly tricky world of orchid identification—the addition of carnivorous plants and other wildflowers just adds to its value. In addition to the spectacular photography, he includes descriptions of habitat and the natural history of the plants in crisp economical prose. Simply stated, this is mandatory reference work for those visiting or working at The Green Swamp.

—Barry M. Rice, author of “Growing Carnivorous Plants”, University of California, Davis

Having first met Jim Fowler while knee-deep in this incredible botanical hotspot, he instantly conveyed an intense passion and respect for the outstanding diversity that still survives there. Jim has always been quick to share his knowledge, and his talent to capture the beauty of his subjects. But here he out-does himself with meaningful, descriptive text and outstanding photography that will make any nature lover drop everything and make their way to North Carolina to take in what is an unparalleled botanical spectacle. If you value a truly unique, quintessentially American natural history experience for yourself, a child, or a loved one, then this book is a ‘must-have.’

—Tom Mirenda, Orchid Collection Specialist, Smithsonian Gardens Orchid Collection

So much more than a thorough and complete field guide intended for the novice and professional alike… this book presents a fantastic photographic and historical journey through one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. A must-have single volume piece for any amateur, enthusiast, or professional botanist interested in these rarities of the southeastern coastal plain.

—Matt Richards, Conservation Coordinator, Atlanta Botanical Garden

Jim Fowler’s marvelous work on the Green Swamp combines superb photography with sophisticated and accurate information on the conservation challenges, history, and ecological processes of the conservation gem that is the Green Swamp. Anyone interested in the flora, ecosystems, history, and conservation of the Southeastern Coastal Plain will find much to learn from and admire in this account.

—Alan Weakley, author of “Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States”, University of North Carolina

Wild Orchids of South Carolina: A Popular Natural History

(University of South Carolina Press, 2005) 242 pages, 250+ color photographs and illustrations—hardcover with dust jacket $30.00 + S&H

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